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as you can see in the topic .. is there any way that help to know the malware release date .. even the approximate ?
I've tried multiple malware scanning websites but they always gives the first scanning date but not the release date of the malware.


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I'm quite sure Vendors do include details about when they first discovered the malicious threat.

Example for W32.Changeup: "Discovered: August 18, 2009"

The exact release date will always be unknown.


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@ Leen

It is simple :)

Please look:


Compilation timestamp 2013-06-05 21:25:24
Obviously malware can change timestamp

So, File such release date of the malware.
Let know, if it is what you mean


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The release date of the malware is always going to be unknown and is not important. What is important is the date the malware was released into wild the date of the first reported infection and the date of the last reported infection.

If no reported infection within the last 90 days after discovered in the wild then the malware is dead. The chance of accidentally getting infected by it is next to none.

Microsoft Malware Protection Center has the best info regarding dates. If the malware is not listed then it is probably dead since they remove inactive malware older than 90 days. Microsoft has many partner AV vendors that share info to help stop the spread of malware.

Enjoy!! :D