How Did You Come Up With Your Username?


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Dec 4, 2013
In our home, we are outnumbered by the amount of rescued cats we care for & love.:rolleyes: Amazingly, none would know this:confused: by the non-existant odors. Even when my son comes home to visit, we do not surpass in numbers these cuddly (& often times infuriating:mad:) living, breathing, stuffed animals, whom bring us a great deal of joy! So, when I was deciding upon a username I'd thought:eek:_O writing it down like a scorecard might make a good one. I hope you think so too.

BTW, @ofbeautyandrage, the band Red chose well and so did you!:cool:
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Jun 9, 2013
Many years ago, about 18 years i think i was putting my jeans on on a cold winters morning and i got a hell of a fright as there a frog in one of the legs and my wife started calling me frogboy so when i joined MT i said to my wife what should i pick as a username and there you have it frogboy was born. :D


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Aug 6, 2014
kev comes from my name Kevin, but people call me often kev, so I chose that. Once i needed to make a new gmail adress, but my name was already taken and one of the suggestions was adding 216 to it, so since then its my lucky number and I use it everywhere :)

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I dont remember but was registering at some forum or site & was in hurry & every name I was trying was already registered so I tried yesno (Yes + No) & it too came already registered then tried yesnoo i.e extra o & was available. So I just tried yesnoo on other forums & sites & was available.

I am thinking of changing yesnoo on all forums & sites.


I'm the guy that stands back out of situations and watches, moving around in the background gathering information while doing this, I am able to see the whole picture of the situation, where those that are deeply involved tend to see only partial bits from concentrating on the upfront aspects. After a bit of time, I will enter the situation to "illuminate" what they are over looking.


Inspired by the Nox people from the Stargate SG1 franchise lore. They were somewhat of a "nature" race (lived in a forested planet), they were highly intelligent (heightened senses in general), harnessed bio-electric fields to resurrect people as well as to render objects invisible, somewhat pacifistic, but nevertheless had the technological ability to defend themselves against hostile threats if need be.


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May 8, 2015
The most interesting thread I've read in quite a while.

My username is quite simple. A few years ago I got tired of changing usernames so I took a month or so to determine something I'd enjoy. Something unique that no one else would end up using.

Ookami (also spelled as Okami sometimes) is Japanese for wolf. My favorite animal. I also have interest in anime (who could have guessed that?), but more than that, an interest in the Japanese language and culture. Originally, I was going to translate it to German (my family's heritage is German - very common in Pennsylvania), however it seems wolf is wolf in German. I suppose when you think about it it makes sense that some words match being a Germanic language and all.

Now Creed is simply there because I follow my own ways, my own beliefs and no one else's. No real story to that. The total length of my name is also for a reason. I needed a username that fit 16 or less characters (mostly so I could use the name on Xbox Live - I don't like having different usernames at the same time).


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Dec 27, 2014
The most interesting thread I've read in quite a while.

Kinda agree, really awesome thread, thank you for opening it @ofbeautyandrage :)

I love travelling, so I decided to register with something related to it. I use Dreams+Visions [would love to get the & one, but that one was already registered] for Flickr (photography can express emotions, wishes, new ideas, tickle sbd. phantasies, I love to share my shots, but I can spend hours on watching those by others, too...), but I thought, this one would not fit here.
So, that's it :)


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Aug 30, 2012
Mine is a nickname people used to call my grandfather in my hometown. Bora from Borivoje (common Slavic name) and Murdar roughly mean "nasty". He was my life teacher, my third parent, and the reason why I became a doctor. He died last year in July. In that period I was thinking of changing my username as it constantly reminded me of him and the period when he left us, but I came up with the right decision at the end. :)