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A simple question.

Do you still watch on DVD, or opt to buy Bluray for HD quality?

Do you stream over the Internet or download digital versions?

Do you watch all on the big screen (ie. cinema / theatre), or do you prefer to watch at home on the TV or laptop?

What about sound, prefer Stereo, Headphones or 5.1 (7.1) Surround Sound?

Do you watch in certain environments, places, or at a specific time?

Prefer to watch them alone or with company?

It's all about how you enjoy watching your movies. Please do feel free to answer some or all.

And don't forget the popcorn. :D


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I still use DVD the most. I have a good collection going so why stop now.

I'll go to the Cinema to see something if it catches my interest. Mostly watch at home though.

Stereo sound.

I'll watch a movie whenever I feel like watching one. Thanks.

I'll watch them alone or with friends, whenever they're available.


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I don't own a Blu-Ray player yet, so it's DVD for me.

I don't stream over the internet, but I do sometimes watch movies on-demand from my cable provider, which is basically the same thing. I don't have Netflix or any other movie streaming services.

I rarely go to the theater, so I watch at home on my TV.

I have a 5.1 surround setup.

There is no specific time when I watch movies, but a large portion are watched late at night.

I generally watch by myself, but if anyone is around that wants to watch a movie, they're more than welcome to join me.


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From question #3: Well during our vacation, me and older brother often watch movies in cinemas when its really nice.

Question #4: Stereo is the choice to appreciate the flaw of the movie.

Question #5: I want to watch movies when its totally vacant time/ bored and mostly want was action movies.

Question #6: Well there are some case I want myself only to watch a movie but during the vacation in the Philippines, me and my older brother were together to watch a movie.


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How do I like to watch movies ?
In the back row of the cinema with my wife :)

Siriusly, On the big screen followed up by Blu-Ray.