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How does Ablock Plus, UBlock, and other adblock extensions/software work? And how can they blocked all ads display on the websites? And It would be helpful if you guys can post a picture or something that will illustrate it.


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I guess it scans the website looking for Google Analytics links, and pretty much all advertising companies. Every ad is linked to the host web so it can be displayed. I'm guessing it has all this hosts included on its database.

Now i really do not know if adblockers include some kind of heuristic for unknown hosts.
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There is several ways of doing it:

- Blocking the links , the adblocker does it by analyzing the page and comparing the present links to its database. Most addons adblocker does this way, it is why you may have empty boxes.

- Some others (like Adguard for Desktop) also analyze the page's code before it is loaded , and hide/remove entirely the area dedicated to the ads.


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Usually they will check from numerous filters gathered from numerous sources where how an advertisement behaves on the page so that it will block and create an adjusted page to save space from those advertisement elements.
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