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Hi guys,

I'd just like to ask how is McAfee McAfee AV / Internet Security doing these days...?

A friend was asking me the other day and I really did not know what to tell her because I have not been using McAfee since 1998.

May I have some inputs as to McAfee's performance today from you guys? Maybe some strong points and low points perhaps..What about slowdowns during usage?

It's AV(only) as compared to say, Avast's or AVG or Avira's AV..?

It's Internet Security Suite as compared to say, Avast IS 2016 or Emsisoft IS..?

Or if I'll choose an ALL FREE software config that can (well if it can) suffice for McAfee IS protection what will it be..?

AVG Free + TinyWall + ERP + MBAE free + HMP..perhaps..?

Any suggestions as to the all-free combo as well as the ideas on McAfee AV and IS performance is very welcome :)

Thanks a lot :)
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I would not advice you to use mcafee , but it is not great in my opinion , confusing gui and the price what you pay for the suite is way to high! I cannot comment on the way it performes on a machine , like any other security product it may vary on each different machine. what kind of user is your friend? does she have computer knowledge or is she a novice? there are better av's ou there and for free also! like AVG or Avast which are better detection wise. If she wants a paid product go for emsisoft internet security. a nice free setup imho would be : AVG free or Avast free ( Hardened mode ) and Comodo Firewall ( Cruelsisters settings ) and an anti exploit like Malwarebytes anti exploit free or Hitman Pro Alert ( Paid ) protect against browser and software exploits.


Without a very long explanation, there are better alternatives to McAfee. McAfee is decent in terms of usability, but the labs report not so good in terms of protection.

For a complete novice or someone who knows little or has little inclination to deal with security softs, it is difficult to recommend one because so many personal factors are involved - but these are the easiest for the typical user to master -- with good instruction from someone -- in my experience (but these are all paid):
  • Emsisoft
  • Norton
  • Webroot
Freeware, COMODO is available - but I am loathe to recommend it since so many people get themselves highly frustrated when using it. It's good protection, but not one for a beginner to jump-in head first.

LOL... I think NVT ERP with uBlock Origin is a very good place to start to learn default-deny, then you can add others as you learn - like TinyWall (;)), Reboot Restore RX, etc. However, crafting this type of combo requires greater willingness to put in the time and effort to learn the softs, how to configure, how they work, etc.

You can craft very solid all-freeware combo.


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If you got it for free, then why not use it? I know quite a no. of laptop sales do bundle with 1YR-AV/IS software. I mean if it's free, what's stopping you from using it. It's still offer a decent protection for basic user though.

However, if you want to "invest" on a AV/IS, I believe there are better ones out in the market, just like what @hjlbx listed above.


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Hello guys,

Thanks for all the replies. The friend actually installed it (IS) days ago and now she is getting confused as to setting it up and all. She actually bought it. She seems not to keep it though. Thanks for your opinions and I will send this pdf copy to her for to check and perhaps help her decide if she will keep it. She's taking it for a spin and has been at for 4 days I think now. Personally I would just use freeware for her as what I suggested above with the AVG free because it doesn't need to re-activate and re-activate..well of course I still don't know how will it be that Avast owns it now..

Any all-freeware combo that you guys can suggest..? ( for her...not Comodo as she might ger frustrated learning it)

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