How Often Should Full Scans be run with Antivirus

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Jan 27, 2019
Hi, all. Back when I did volunteer support for Norton, people would ask how often they should do a full scan.

Our answer was that after the initial install and after program updates, was the only time it was necessary.

That advice was based on the premise that from then on, Norton would only check new or changed files.

I still run a full scan after a new install, but from then on just the occasional quick scan, as the real time protection should take care of any issues.

In your opinion, is that advice still good today ?


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Dec 4, 2014
The only time I ever run a full scan if an antivirus prompts me to run one. If I'm not prompted to run a full scan, I'll run a quick one. From then on, I'll usually never run either, and just depend on the real-time protection to detect threats. Real-time protection should be enough to detect any active threats.