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Jan 8, 2011
How to Deactivate Premium License in Malwarebytes for Windows Premium Trial. Run On-Demand.

Please Note: This action is irreversible. Deactivating the trial will invalidate the 'Premium Trial' license. To re-activate any Premium features, you will be asked to purchase a Malwarebytes Premium license from their website. Click here.

When you first install Malwarebytes for Windows, the Free 14-day Premium Trial will be automatically activated. If you do not wish to use the Real-time Protection features for 14 days, follow this guide to Downgrade to Malwarebytes for Windows - Free License.


I have read the warnings above, continue below.

Open the Settings page and click on Account Details tab, you will be able to view current license status and expiration date. At the bottom, click on the Deactivate Premium Trail button.


You have to agree to this warning as the Premium features will be turned off.


Your license will be reverted to the Free version, and you can verify by switching to the Protection tab.


All Premium features will be greyed out.


You can prevent Malwarebytes from loading on Windows start-up by disabling this option: Start Malwarebytes at Windows startup


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Apr 1, 2019
Contrary to popular sentiments I run premium next to WD on my wife’s laptop and it works well (but that’s for another discussion). I’ve used the combo on my other machines as well. I wouldn’t pay full price though. Newegg regularly discount keys. The “other” forum has a deal thread that has it listed regularly. If you want on demand the automatic premium is a bit obnoxious.

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