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Level 3
I currently have KIS 2019 on my computer, but I would like to try ESET Internet Security, How exactly should I measure how much of resources is KIS using to compare it to ESET later?


There are benchmarking programs out there such as PCMark. However, it is much more easy for you to assess all on your own which one works best for you on your specific system. I would just trial ESET instead of making it a complicated scientific study.

Anyhow, ESET is going to use less system resources, but that does not mean it will be significantly faster than Kaspersky. Sometimes the differences are like splitting hairs.


Level 3
Thanks for your answer, but I would still prefer to do some kind of measurement. Is there a tool that tracks resource usage of individual processes?


Level 3
Exact. Process Hacker is really useful also to find malware on the system.
Sorry, I should've formulated my question better. I'm aware of the ability of Process Hacker to measure bytes of memory usage, but I'd love to see some kind of "graph" - like some kind of a continuos record of memory usage 1 hour ago or so, if you know, what I mean...


Level 17
Such graph would be useless. Resource usage would depend on computer activity at the moment. Even if you tried to replicate everything you are doing you'd have no control on which background tasks are being launched by Windows and the software in your computer.

ESET will use less resources as @Lockdown said. System performance is quite similar with Kaspersky causing a higher boot delay than ESET.

Anyway that varies both by hardware and software configuration so the only way to know for sure is testing them on your machine.