How-to Guide How to Enable God Mode on Windows 8, 7 & Vista

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    Windows in God mode?

    On first instance this looks joke but it is true and NOT A JOKE. God mode makes you true Windows God allowing you to access all Windows settings without having to click or hop between different dialog Windows. You can open God Mode in upcoming Windows8 and existing Windows 7, Vista 32 bit and Windows Server 2008 (32 bit) operating systems.

    Did you know that Windows 7 has a GodMode? What GodMode does is enable you to have a place where you can get to all the settings without having to browse around and click through options and folders in control panel.

    Enable & Open God Mode on Windows
    1. On your Windows computer, right click on desktop to create a new Folder. Then rename the newly created folder as: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
    2. Then folder icon will change to Control Panel icon with now name as ‘God Mode’on the desktop. Double click it to open window as seen below.


    Now when you click on that icon you it will open up the following folder...isn't that cool?

    By the way there is much more in this folder than in the screenshot, in the screenshot you only see 4 sections, in the folder there are 46 different ones. It provide access to virtually every setting of Windows operating system.

    Warning...although GodMode works on Vista 32 bit and 32 bit Windows Server 2008 it does not work on Vista 64 bit sp2 and 64 bit Windows Server 2008...

    1. This method also works to enable God Mode on Windows 8
    2. Do not try this on Windows Vista 64 bit
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    First time here and have found three great tips already,so I signed up especially to thank you for this great one!!
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    I actually did not know about this little tweak, thank you!
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    Windows 7
    Nice tweak. Thank you.
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