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Yesterday, Microsoft released a brand new cumulative update for Windows 10, this time exclusively for computers running Threshold 2, but just as it happened several times before, this new version fails to install on quite a lot of computers.

While some claim that they see no error other than the usual “We couldn’t complete the updates, undoing changes” message, a number of readers confirm that the process fails to install with error code 0x80070570 and a text reading, “Some update files are missing or have problems. We'll try to download the update again later. Error code: (0x80070570).”

And unfortunately, Microsoft is yet to come up with a fix for this problem, so users are pretty much on their own if they really want to install the update (which they should, given the fact that it’s a cumulative update that includes bug fixes and performance improvements for Windows 10).

How to fix the issues

Fortunately, some of our readers have already come across a very simple way to repair the problem, and it only takes a few clicks to do it. Hat tips to our reader IAM for sending this in!

So basically, if installing the update fails for you too, here’s what you need to do.

First and foremost, go to the following path in your C: drive, where Windows is usually installed:

Look for a folder called like this:


And remove it completely (remember that you must be logged in with administrator rights to be able to delete it). Once you successfully delete this folder, launch Windows Update, check for updates once again and allow KB3116908 to start the install.

A reboot might be required if the update doesn’t show up in Windows Update, but in most of the cases, it’s available immediately once you delete the aforementioned folder.

And yes, it’s that easy!


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I've the same problem others report here. KB3116908 was my 1st update after 'converting' from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on 27 Nov. [The conversion went well.]

I've tried the above fix (delete directory a39ba752a8aa7203217c758502d7fddd) as well as another directory to completely empty C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download. The process then failed after redoing the Windows Update. I've also manually D/Led the KB3116908 files and ran the install routine. The process failed again exactly as earlier. Lets hope the MS is working the problem.

Windows 7 starting to look better all the time! :(


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I did not. I'll do so now and let you know the results. Thanx.

30 minutes later: Restarting PC after emptying out directory C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download BEFORE checking for updates again resulted in the process not completing installation of KB 3116908.

In every instance the install process runs to the 30% point, waits for about 1 minutes and then restarts. The install process then runs to the 80% point and again waits for a while. It the either reboots again or jumps to about 87% - 94% complete and again reboots. After the 2nd reboot the install reports unable to complete and then recovers the files existing before the failed update. This involves the 3rd reboot.

I'm stll open to suggestions.
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Sorry - linked to an out of date tool that seemed to work for me but I wouldn't advise trying it as it's an update fix diagnostic tool for XP -> 8.1 = link removed and apologies all around.
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Humm? Clinking on the above link (Fix Microsoft Windows Update Issues) takes the viewer to a MS site for fixing Windows XP thru Windows 8.1. When I executed the "Fix it for me" routine I get the attached status report.

Seems like I have a missing or corrupt 'service registration' which may or may not have any bearing on the failure of KB 3116908 to run to completion on my PC. Any ideas on how to attack this issue?



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Yes sorry, not sure where I dug up that link but you are right, it seems quite outdated. No idea why it seemed to fix my problem but you are right, I'll remove the link to avoid confusion. Sorry, it likely resolved itself while I was fussing with that out of date tool =)