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Here are a few steps to keep a safe and suitable security set-up.


It's important that you only post your Primary (Main) computer Security Set-up, since it is the most Important and it is supposed to be secure.
If you still feel the need to share your other computers' configurations, you can do that under the same thread with details in the Description under Spoiler tag.

1 - Read this guide I made and depending of your Level of Paranoia or Expertise, feel free to include some or all of the layers.

2 - Once you have read the guide. Choose the security solution you think would be best for you, and don't blindly follow others' advice as they may be biased. For example, some are fanboys and say their favourite is the best. Take the time to read and understand what each software can do, and even trial them for a couple days. A well mastered security software is stronger than a poorly understood strong one.

3 - Once chosen. Learn ALL the Features/Options of the software for a decent amount of time, I recommend a minimum of 28 days. Then you can adjust it properly to your needs.

4 - Do not change your Antivirus every few days or per week, as you will never master one well enough.

5 - Do not add unnecessary security software. The more you add, the more your setup will be subjected to surface attacks, especially if you barely know if they can works together.​


Once your set up has been posted, an evaluation will be made and a result will be given resulting in either:

Secure: All or most of the basic are covered
Caution: Few core security elements have been disabled by the user, which can cause potential holes if not carefully monitored.
Risky: Many core security elements considered as necessary are disabled or key areas of attack are not covered.

The result given doesn't take in consideration your computing habits; it just evaluate the initial level of protection of your system. It is up to you to stay secure by having safe habits and common sense. Not all software can protect you from bad habits.

What is needed to get an approved setup (concerning your system)

- All fields in the Security Wizard Configuration box MUST be filled seriously.

Answer honestly about your system, once done, the evaluation's result will be given and suggestions proposed (if any).
The requirement needed to be [Secure] will be not made public, this is not a contest for having the tag or not.
We want help you to get a safe system, nothing more. What you do after is all upon you.
Remember that too much security isn't security and may even put you [At Risk] due to conflicts, resources hogging, etc....

i strongly advise you to use known products, some copycats can be legitimate but generally the original is safer (faster updates, faster flaw/vulnerabilities fixes, etc...).

Special Note: Some of you may have good knowledge about security and may disable/not use some of the security features offered to you; hence getting the [At Risk] badge.
We have setup a standard we considered as "safe" for the BEGINNERS; we don't take into consideration, your personal skills & knowledge.
Remember that beginners come in this forum to improve their knowledge and what you show on your setup may influence them.

The [At Risk] badge is not to punish you or mark you as ignorant or unskilled but show to the audience that potential weaknesses are present.


You can find some example of config thread made the forum staff , they are sticked threads.

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