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As we all know that the last date for Windows 8.1 User to move on to Update 1 was 10th of June 2014.
On May 12, Microsoft announced a deadline extension to June 10.
So Today I will be showing you the method to gain Windows 8.1 Update 1 from Windows Update Itself.

Method 1: (For Advanced User Only)
You Can Install Update 1 Manually by downloading the update files.

Windows 8.1 Update (32-bit version) - This link do not have update KB2919442 (x86) so please download it from the link - KB2919442 (x86)
Order of Installation:
Once you’ve downloaded Update 1, you will have seven separate patches that need to be installed in a very specific order. Your computer will need to reboot a few times during the process.

KB2919442 > KB2919355 > KB2932046 > KB2959977 > KB2937592 > KB2938439 > KB2934018.

Method 2: (Recommended)
  • One another way i have figured out.
  • Download KB2919442 (x86) or KB2919442 (x64)
  • After Downloading Install them & then check for update you will see the Update 1 is available in Windows Update.

Tried by me on 12th June 2014

(All Files linked here are officially from Microsoft & Even Method 1 is officially announced by the Microsoft.)
(Method 2 is
discovered by MrExplorer - Me Only)
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