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Hi, I need some help. In company is some machines who still runs windows xp. I know is dying(or even dead) and old OS, but we have, what we have. I need a guide, or right way how to completely install windows. What is steps? Should I:
-Instal SP2(I have oem) and then install SP3?
-What windows software(net, framework, silver light, visual c++ and etc. etc.) and other software(flash player, codecs and etc. etc.) I need to install for best performance?
-How to correctly install drivers? Can I add it to install CD, or something?
-What is best av, or other security solutions for best performance and security?
-What software I need to install for office, browsing, some music, video, and etc. ?

Everything what i want is to save ram and cpu performance. I don't expect a miracle from 2007 year laptop, but how i said we have, what we have :)


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Well as always SP3 will be your maximum protection to provide by patches.

Usually install latest .NET framework so to avoid adding other older version which the software will run smoothly on those framework.

Same goes to C++ however some softwsre are bundled with framework to be install and run correctly.

Better go off with Virtualization program like Shadow Defender or Toolwiz Time Freeze.

CD or downloadable packages should match well by manual process through updating by using Device Manager. Check for those yellow warning.

If you have enough money then purchase the latest version of MS Office or go to alternatives like WPS Office. Then basic software like 7-Zip, Ccleaner, and VLC or Pot Player.

For Antivirus you may go from free ones (Panda, Avira, Avast or AVG) or paid version like Norton or Kaspersky.

However better go to 'WINDOWS 7 or 8/8.1/10 ' to achieve overall safe protection. But if its for home usage then XP may retain with proper precaution.


The installation of Windows XP on recent PC involves the presence of SATA drivers that usually are not included in the installation CD and can be added by following some guides.

If you do not have the SATA drivers the installation continues but when it is over, Windows XP is painfully slow.

Create Custom Windows XP CD with SATA Drivers


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For Antivirus you may go from free ones (Panda, Avira, Avast or AVG) or paid version like Norton or Kaspersky.
Avira might be a good opinion for windows XP now.
This is because, according to Avira Product Lifecycle , Avira will stop providing engine and signature updates to the products installed on XP in April next year.
I do not know the policies of other antivirus vendors on XP.

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Update all parts of the OS. Install a light AV and a good firewall. Xp firewall is very weak.