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    I hope this topic will describe how to properly post a giveaway on MalwareTips. I created the topic for new and/or inexperienced members who want to share a giveaway. Many things said here are also mentioned in the main guidelines topic, so please read also :

    [Please Read] Rules & Guidelines for Giveaways,Contests and Sweepstakes Forum


    1. Giveaway Prefix
    • Unlimited Giveaway - Use this if you found a giveaway for a certain paid product and you want share it with our members, or if the giveaway doesn't fall into any other subcategory bellow
    • (24 hrs or less) Giveaway - Use this if the giveaway you want to share is lasting for only 24 hours or less (giveaways that are lasting for 48hours or 3,4 days can also fall into this category). Examples are GiveawayOfTheDay, Daily Software Giveaways, BitsDuJour...
    • Extended Trial - If you found a giveaway that offers,for those who are interested, to use the product for 3, 6 or 9 months for free, please use this option
    • Promotion - If you found some product that is on giveaway for a limited time (for example for 10 days or until specific date) or there is a new product that came up online and the vendor wants to promote it with a free promo period in which the product is free on giveaway, please use this option
    • Competition/Limited - Use this if you found some cool contest on the other website and you want to share it with MalwareTips Community (Again please check if the contest has minimum license number, if you are not sure please read this)
    2. Giveaway Title

    Briefly describe of what the giveaway is about. Example : Kaspersky Antivirus 2016 Giveaway

    3. Promo Link

    You will need to provide the direct link to the page of the giveaway origin. Please post the original source of the giveaway. If you found a giveaway on the other forums and poster didn't mention the source of the giveaway, investigate a little, use Google with the giveaway title and I am sure you will find the site that is hosting the giveaway.

    Giveaways which origin cannot be determined are probably illegal so please don't share it on MalwareTips. If you are unsure what to do please contact me BoraMurdar or exterminator20

    4. Promo Type

    Please check the proper box for giveaway you want to share, as the giveaway will be categorized properly.

    5. Description

    There's no need to review a product that is on giveaway. Just write what the product is, it's key features and one screenshot is enough. You can additionally provide a product home page and the direct download link for the product that is on giveaway that can be found on the product home page.

    If you've found the giveaway or promo that is sharing the license keys for certain product and you are sure that the shared license key is same for everyone you can post the license key in the description and put it in spoiler.

    For ones who don't know how to create a spoiler :

    Screenshot (1).png

    Some rules

    Again, the full description and list of rules on MalwareTips Giveaway Forum you can find here :
    [Please Read] Rules & Guidelines for Giveaways,Contests and Sweepstakes Forum

    And I will mention some of those :

    • Don't post giveaways that are related to Audio/Video/Photo - Editing/Converting/Capturing, players, DVD Rippers... We are Security Forum and you can post giveaways that are related to Security & Privacy or System Maintenance.
    • Don't post your private information like your e-mail address, accounts information, your address or phone number
    • Watch if the giveaway already exist on MalwareTips. Patiently go through all the pages of the Giveaway Forum and see if the giveaway you are about to post has already been posted on MalwareTips. Giveaways that are posted in similar time ,by 2 or more different members, will be merged, otherwise it will be deleted from the forum
    • Don't post cracks, illegal serials, keygens, patchers and similar
    • Don't say "Thank you", you better press a "Like" button to thank the poster. If you don't like what is posted please don't hate, troll or disrespect other members in any case.
    • Don't ask for license keys. If you are geographically restricted from accessing the giveaway or you don't know how to obtain the license from it, patiently watch if some other member(s) was able to get the key and kindly ask if he/she can get one extra for you. Do this via PM.
    • Check if the links or files you are sharing are safe. Files can be scanned with VirusTotal and links with VirusTotal/Url and UrlVoid
    • UPDATE !!! : Sites like ***, HowBigDeal, WindowsDeal and others are forbidden to post on MalwareTips. Exclusions could be made only if you are sure that those sites are original hosters/providers of the unique license keys or installers in collaboration with product vendor. We please members to recognize which site is hosting the giveaway and share the direct link to that site, and not the sites like mentioned above that demands for you to create an account on their site just to give you the link to the other site that is hosting the giveaway originally.
    • If you have some unused license keys obtained from past giveaways, or original license key(s) you bought and want to give away to MalwareTips members, please contact me or @exterminator20 or both and we will suggest you the best method to do so.
    • Do not try to sell license keys on MalwareTips. You will be banned for that.
    • and more
    If you have any question, suggestion or you are not sure what to do, please contact me BoraMurdar or exterminator20 and we will be happy to assist you.

    Have a nice day and stay safe ;)
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