Updates How to Protect your Privacy with IObit Applock

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Oct 23, 2015
Hi everyone:),

I believe you are always looking for a tool which can protect your privacy and sensitive data, it tooks you much time but you can't find a right one(thinking). We reject useless tools, we hates annoying ads, we can't find the right app who does what it says.:mad:

IObit applock can solve all of your problem, it's light, free and no ads. And the latest update version is coming with Face Lock, it means you face is the only key to access your locked apps, brings your Android phone and tablet a higher level of security.;)

Look these features to know more about IObit applock:

  • Lock settings and any private app
  • Fake Lock disguises the lock screen with fun covers
  • Hide the sensitive content of notification
  • Catch the snooper’s photo and notify by email
  • Customized Delay Lock to avoid frequently unlocking
  • Efficiently safeguard your most used apps
  • Tablet and Android 6.0 are supported
  • Free and no ads

IObit applock is really a brilliant app that you can never miss!:p

Click here to download free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobilesecurity.applockfree.android


Website: http://www.applock.tech/
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