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Jan 24, 2011
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Hello everyone

We planned to upgrade the SUD list with the links of the main AV vendors in order to facilitate the sending of undetected samples in our Virus Exchange section.

Special Thanks to @Rishi for this great work! :)

Credits (in progress): @OokamiCreed, @harlan4096, @Jrs30, @Wihat

Online submission (fastest) and/or email list :

In the order :

Vendor: Online submission / Email submission

Additional notes: this thread will be kept up to date.

1.Products like Bullguard(BD) or Trustport(AVG and BD) which are dependent on other engines for detections - the tester should check if the parent engines have already received the samples by other testers/ if not wait till everyone has posted and then SUD to the parent antivirus.

2.Some products allow submission from GUI(Forticlient,ESET,etc) or cloud itself, in that case SUD from online-form/email is not necessary.The list has been constructed for providing another option and reference in this case.

3.For multi-engine antivirus, it should be clear which sample was detected by which engine and then follow the procedure listed in #1 for the undetected samples by respective engine.

4. About Avira: submitted samples must be less or equal to 20 and less than 5 MB
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