Q&A How to securely backup PC with KTS to cloud or external drive?


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Jan 13, 2019
I am using Windows 11 on my laptop and encrypted C (SSD) and D (HDD) drives with BitLocker. Also using Kaspersky Total Security only.
My laptop drives are consuming around 1.5 TB. I have never backed up my laptop files before. However, with current ransomware prevailing everywhere, I want to back up my laptop system image and files to cloud storage.

I have two questions.
1) Is Kaspersky Total Security enough for protection? Do I need any other security programs in addition to KTS? If needed, what do you recommend?
2) I have read that if we back up infected files (mainly ransomware encrypted files or malware infected files), in the future, restoring these files will infect the PC again. So how do I safely back up the files? Is it enough to scan all the files with KTS before sending back up files to cloud storage? Will KTS scan for ransomware infection in files? Or what other programs are needed to scan the files before the back-up?
Please kindly suggest. Thanks.


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Mar 25, 2021
I think KTS is enough for an antivirus, but maybe you can choose some scanners that you can scan monthly(?). As for the will it back up infected files. Unless KTS didn't find the virus/ransomware, it should keep your files clean which make them safe to back up.


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Apr 28, 2015
1.- Well tweaked should be enough :)

2.- What????? This is the 1st time I read that encrypted files by a rsw may infect other files, sincerely I doubt it since can't be executed...

Having an offline backup of the files (external device not connected to the system) and /or a cloud backup (there are lots of services) should be enough...