HP Omen X 2S - New DualScreen Laptop


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Jan 8, 2011
What can a company do to stand out from the crowd? HP has the answer with the Omen X 2S, which packs the "world's first dual-screen design," the company said.
The primary 15-inch panel is a 1080p, 144Hz G-Sync IPS (or optionally, a 240Hz G-Sync or 4K) model, which is pretty standard on high-end gaming laptops. However, the second 6-inch, 1080p display located above the keyboard lets you watch streaming videos, play music, monitor system performance or chat on your favorite platform -- simply hit the dedicated key on the far right when your desired window is in focus. You can also window sections of the main screen (like maps, for instance) to give yourself better situational awareness


Image: Engadget
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