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The Mobile World Congress isn't just about flagship smartphones: HTC has launched a new 5G smart hub, putting the next-gen cellular connectivity right inside your home – provided you've got any 5G infrastructure near where you live, of course.

Like the 4G routers that came before it, the HTC 5G Hub is able to act as a hotspot to connect multiple devices to blazing 5G speeds. Up to 20 different gadgets can be hooked up to the hub, which will display information about connection speeds and data usage on its integrated 5-inch screen. Assuming your carrier can serve up decent 5G speeds to your home, the HTC 5G Hub could effectively replace your Wi-Fi router for streaming 4K videos around different rooms. As well as the additional speeds – several multiples faster than 4G LTE, depending on conditions – 5G also offers extra bandwidth so more devices can get online at once without interference. Inside the HTC 5G Hub you've got some serious hardware, with a Snapdragon 855 processor that's also showing up in the top smartphones of 2019, and a Snapdragon X50 5G modem. The latest Android 9 Pie is on board too, and Google Assistant voice control is supported.