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OK, just bought it last Sunday and has been using it for 2 days now. Below is my short review

Why I like it over the SAMSUNG Note 4 and
Why I choose the 20 X over the 20 PRO? Note that the 20 X and the 20 PRO share many same features

My needs are
1) A new phone with a quantum jump in features and performance
2) Currently, Kirin 980 is the fastest android processor for year 2018. My Note 4 is 4-yr old 5.7 inch smartphone running SD805 with 3GB RAM which I’ll be retiring soon after serving me faithfully all these years.
3) As age is catching up a large screen size for easier reading is better
4) A phone with a long battery life so no need to carry a power bank daily like what I was doing
5) Reduced weight of 20 X vs Samsung Note 4 + 20000mAh power bank
6) No need of PIN/Password/Face Scan/Fingerprint Reader for I need instant notifications from my home IoT devices
7) Preferably to have wireless headphone instead
8) 5G would not be ready in my country till at least after mid next year although phones with 5G and WPA3 will be available in the first quarter next year. This allows time for me to choose my 2019 foldable 5G phone.
9) No intention to use the 20 X as a gaming device. Mainly use for daily use and watching videos.
10) No interest in phones with curved edges for they are difficult to hold
11) Prepare myself to handle the large foldable phone in year 2019

1) 7.2 inch size – to prepare for next year’s foldable phone
2) 5000mAh battery – 2 days of usage without charging
3) AMOLED screen
4) Kirin 980 CPU – fastest android processor for year 2018
5) 6GB RAM
6) Triple cameras – Telephoto(5x optical zoom), Wide and Ultra-Wide
7) Dual stereo speakers
8) Android Pie 9

1) Large and heavy if carry alone
2) A tiny notch
3) No 5G and no WPA3
4) No in-screen fingerprint reader
5) No 3D face scan
6) Comes with headphone jack
7) Proprietary nano SD card and card reader by Huawei

8) No Google Night Sight-like feature for shooting in total darkness without flash
9) No LED notifications

These few days I have been testing the 20 X and I’m pretty satisfied with it. Comes with the package are
1) TPU case
2) Flip case
3) 22.5W ac charger
4) Pen – non-bluetooth
5) Foldable Bluetooth keyboard – yet to collect

I’m still waiting to buy a tempered glass screen protector. Heard that Huawei will release one later. Hope that it’ll be at least of the same or better quality than the Nillkin Amazing XD CP+ Max tempered glass screen protector below

Nillkin Amazing XD CP+ Max tempered glass screen protector for Huawei Mate 20 X

Not sure a liquid tempered glass will be better in sensitivity than a non-liquid type.

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel. Below are the specs and some Youtube videos


HUAWEI Mate 20 X specifications |HUAWEI Global


Battery Drain Test

My next phone in the year 2019 will have features like

1) Foldable
2) 5G and WPA3
3) Preferably 4K screen. Latest report says the SAMSUNG Infinity Flex 5G phone for next year will not have a QHD+ screen in order to save battery life. Let’s see what the Chinese can come up with.
4) 5000mAh and above battery capacity
5) Ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader
6) 3D face scan
7) 8/10 GB RAM
8) 256 GB storage
9) Notchless
10) At least 3 rear cameras with telephoto, wide and ultra-wide
11) Screen-vibrating speakers
12) Wireless headphone
13) Video recording/playback of 4K@60 fps. Super Slow Mo at 1080p. Great low light shots.
14) Fast charging with 40W ac charger
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OK, a problem just surfaced.

Not enough data! Although the 5000mAh battery can last for 2 days with always-on VPN for 4G use but my data is insufficient even though my data plan is 12GB per month.

Guess I need to subscribe for an Unlimited Data Plan

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I was talking to my 17 year old daughter regarding which phones are liked by her friends, some younger some older. I use an iPhone 7 & expected that name to some up, it didn't most of her friends now have Huawei & a smattering of Samsung's. Both my daughters & my youngest son have Huawei mates. If I were Apple I would be worried as the 16 - 18 age group are the ones who will be buying the tech when they are working & to them it seems Apple is old hat and overpriced - She said the cameras on Huawei are 'the best + battery life is better than iPhone's' - Time will tell, but the camera on her Huawei seems as good as my bridge camera.


New iPad Pro is foldable. All these Android phones just copy Apple.


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Huawei Mate 20X to re-release with 5G support

Meantime found some annoyances
  1. The screen is not that bright if use in bright sunlight
  2. The built-in dialer has no video call feature unlike the Mate 20 Pro which comes with video call in its dialer. Need to use either Google Duo or a 3rd-party app like Whatspp, WeChat etc.


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I see a dealbreaker or two that may have steered you away from Samsung, but I'm loving my S10+. I'll likely be looking for a 5G device sometime next year, but I'm not sure I want a foldable. You know what you want though and I can appreciate that.

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