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Microsoft's president has called on the US to end a ban on it supplying Huawei with Windows software for the Chinese company's computers.

Huawei was blacklisted by the Trump administration in May over claims it posed a threat to the US's security. That prevents American companies from providing it with their latest tech. Brad Smith said he did not believe the US's security would be "undermined" by letting Huawei's customers use its operating system or Office apps. "Governments around the world are going to address their national security needs," he told BBC News. "But we believe it would be a mistake at the same time to try to draw some new digital iron curtain down the Pacific Ocean - I think that would hold back the United States, would hold back the democracies of the world. "We're one of a number of companies that has applied with the US Commerce department so that we can continue to provide our software operating system to Huawei for devices like laptops. "There may be some issues that require some approaches around 5G but one should ask whether that is the right approach for all of the equipment that a particular company might make."


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It will ultimately be a disaster for the US, same way globalization is turning out to be. Its now backfiring.
The Chinese will eventually come up with their own OS and they will be able to provide that at a much lower cost. MS and Google will have a tough time in the long run.


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Its now backfiring.
Maybe that's one reason why Microsoft is begging for the sanctions to be lifted, even with its "tiny" 1.8% current revenue from there. It has the means to make those kinds of advanced predictions we regular consumers can't, and with confidence.

Mind you, I am speculating. No one on the outside really knows what's actually going on, these matters are shrouded.


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Keep them banned. All the malware in the apo stores are Chinese. All the Chinese phones are loaded with spyware. What the hell.