Level 2

Don't get weighed down with USB sticks and external hard drives! Get a storage space to archive large volumes of data: pictures, videos, music, documents...


Deposit your documents on our secure platform and find them in exactly the same format, on all your devices, wherever you are!


As well as online file storage, hubiC is also a sharing space. Send files to your family, friends and colleagues in one simple click.

Apps compatible with the majority of devices

Desktop application available for Windows, Mac and coming soon - Linux.
Mobile apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, BlackBerry and coming soon - Windows Phone 8.
The web application is accessed via a simple web browser

Fast and secure transfers

Transfers between your devices and the OVH servers are secured using the SSL protocol. They can be carried out at a speed of up to 10 Mbps (depending on your internet connection speed).

Your data stored with the highest level of protection and total confidentiality

Every document deposited on hubiC is replicated in 3 different OVH datacentres in France. Only you will have access to your data, via your login and password.
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