Microsoft Hybrid Hard Disk Owners TIP - Use harddisk virtualisation

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Mar 13, 2016
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Windows 7
This is really simple tip. My wife's laptop has a Hybrid hardisk. Since I installed Toolwiz Time Freeze it really flies. So with Shadow Defender or Returnil etc the effects should be the same. In hindsight it akes sense that a harddisk virtualisation is very effective for a read only cachenly SSD, since changes to the OS are written elsewhere and thrown away at system shutdown,

See thread Is virtualization Chinese to you? Then check this freeware setup out


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Nov 19, 2014
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Probably a placebo. The hybrid drives have a small flash drive of a few mb so no way they have anything there for more than a few seconds. It mostly helps with writes rather than reads which is not what makes the OS faster. So it's probably because it's clean install without useless programs using resources rather than anything else.
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