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Jan 9, 2020


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Feb 28, 2021
Hmmmmm.......... I think I better use VB so that my data would not be uploaded to somebody's cloud server
Too late. Your data is already uploaded to cloud servers. They've been doing it to you for years.

PS - Oracle cooperates extensively with the US and Euro govts. Especially given the fact that Oracle is one of the world's leading defense and intelligence agency subcontractors.


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Apr 19, 2017
I just installed Hysolate on my computer and test it a little bit, here are things I found:
  • If Windows Sandbox is not installed, it'll automatically install it.
  • It has 3 preinstalled apps: 7zip, Chrome and Notepad++.
  • It uses about 3.3 to 4 GB RAM (depend on how many programs you run on workspace, it may uses even more), so forget about using it on 8 GB RAM computer, you won't have any RAM left to use other programs.
  • I like it's website redirect features. It has 4 categories: High risk, Medium risk, Low risk and Uncategorized. By default, only Low risk is unchecked. The uncategorrized is the most important thing here, I haven't had time to test this but I assume that any websites that not in Hysolate databases will be redirect to Hysolate Workspace - this is basically a "whitelisting" for websites.
  • They advertise this as non-persistent VM. But in my test, files and browser history are still there even after I shutdown the Workspace VM and the Hysolate app. I guess the only way to reset VM to default is to manually press the "Restart Workspace" button.
  • In the free version, Workspace cannot access clipboard from the host and there's no way to change this.
  • For Appguard users: You have to add Hysolate service and Hysolate agent to power apps otherwise VM cannot run.
  • 1 more thing: You have to leave the VM on for website redirect feature to work. I turn off the VM to see if it automatically turn on when I visit malicious website, it doesn't 😢.
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Oct 1, 2019
@WhiteMouse thx for posting your findings.


Apologize, first tried it on my desktop with Windows Pro, only found out it did not work on Windows Home after installing it on my girlfriend's laptop

EDIT: looked at it, real easy to use Chrome in a VM environment.

In My Windows Pro I use Edge Application Guard browsing with only keyboard allowing exchange with the VM environment. Also an auto clear/purge of the sandboxed environment would be nice in the free version (remarks already posted by WhiteMouse,).

I really have no idea why the free version does not work on WINDOWS HOME. Windows PRO and higher can use Edge AG sandbox, so why use Hysolate free on Pro and higher?

Link to the quick start of Hysolate free.

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