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I'm using VMware player with Debian installed as guest. I have Windows installed on the host machine. On the network preferences I'm using Bridged network but in Windows task manager i can see the network usage of the network adapter. Using Wireshark i can see the packets of the virtual machine, so the VM Network is not isolated and the host machine (Windows) can see all the packets of the VM. Can be this a security problem? Can a Malware or an infected website infect the host OS? On Debian i have used Iptables to deny the output connection to the Host ip. Kaspersky internet security (Installed on Windows) can't see the network used by the Virtual machine.
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Thank you both.
Why NAT?
Briefly, some considerations on network configuration:

- Bridged: it is the use of the real network with the acquisition from the DHCP server, or static configuration.

- NAT: each address of the virtual machine uses the IP address of the host machine.

Using Bridged, the virtual machine assumes an addressing of the network to which belongs the host system, but as well it may not have available addresses, or have the network port-blocking in the case of security policies, and you consider that the exposed services are all visible.

Using NAT the internal network is “translated” to the external one and vice versa, by sharing the IP assigned to the server network interface.
So by using NAT we will have a local service that will receive the requests on the specific port and sends them to the virtual subsystem.
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