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Personally I think all 3 would do very well.

Avast has proven to be very good on the protection side of things. It seems to have a decent web filter and it's main big feature is harden mode. It's free, but that comes with annoyances like data harvesting and ads. While you can tame these by blocking certain process through the firewall, personally I am just not a fan atm for those reasons. Still it seems to be a great product regardless.

Emsisoft is a great product. It has a very good BB, very fast scanner, it has the best privacy of all the products mentioned, doesn't do HTTPS scanning, thus avoiding any potential conflicts with browsers and they probably have the best customer service that I have ever dealt with. You can control everything locally and/or via the cloud if you so choose through their web console. Some people find it a little heavy, and very few settings to tweak, but that's very much a personal thing IMO.

Eset is overall another great program. Probably the lightest of the bunch, has very good signatures, very fast at adding sigs (usually one of the first to do so), probably the best at detecting PUPs, the best web scanner of the bunch, HIPS, very tweak able if that's your thing, overall good customer service. Some say it's a little weak on defaults, to me that's a bit of a yes/no, but with it's tweak ability you can literally replace CFW and be fine with Eset alone IMO, but that comes with some learning if your aren't already familiar.

I say just try them all out for yourself and see for yourself. Either way I don't think you can go wrong with any of these options.(y):)


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Personally I would recommend Eset with separate Firewall, but it would complicate things. Eset is as others side not so heavy on resources like others and has good protection, of course you should customize it. It has fairly intuitive interface and easy to navigate unlike AVAST. Also it has less false positives than others. Web filtering is decent and you can customize it easily.


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Choose Emsisoft and gift me the Eset license :p
Anyway, Raiden perfectly summed everything up. Now choose what you prefer.
My daughter has the license, they have also given me.:)

The issue is that I am responsible for 5 PCs, one of my daughter, two of my nieces and one of my brother. And we live door to door, that is, we are the same house, and sometimes I get bored of having the same AV.:p
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