Infection date and initial symptoms
the computer will not get to the internet , a few days ago
Current issues and symptoms
still will not get to internet or install updates to install firefox
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
ran malwarebytes


Level 3
I checked the interent connect and it says it has one. I tried to open a webpage in IE and it says page not found. I looked to see if a proxy server is checked and it was not. So I am not sure why this computer wont connect to the internet It does act like it might have a viruse or rootkit...

I have attached the first logs.



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You've been here several times with almost all different computers? Are these all your machines or you're fixing it for someone?

  • It is not our intent to repeatedly remove malware from the same member's machines. The intent of this free service performed by volunteers is to help remove malware from your machine, educate you on how it may have happened, and how to prevent that from happening again.


Level 3
I am a retired teacher and I work on senior citizens computers. They are on fixed incomes and don't have money to take them to the computer store to get them fixed their and they don't know how to fix them on their own since they barely know how to work their computers. For the most part I can get them working but sometimes I get really stuck on this I come here for help


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ok I think it was a winsock is what I tried and it worked ...Thank you for all your help
you give
Click Start --> Run --> In search box, type cmd --> Then "CMD" will be
displayed in the search --> Now right-click on "CMD" ---> Select "Run asadministrator".
Now enter this command
netsh winsock reset catalog --> Press Enter
netsh int ip reset reset.log hit --> Press Enter.