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“C” and “D” Updates Are For Unwitting Seekers

Here’s where it gets ugly: Windows Update doesn’t automatically install C and D updates on most PCs. However, it does install C and D updates when you head to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click “Check for Updates.” In Microsoft’s world, this makes you a “seeker” who wants to test these updates before most Windows users get them. Microsoft disclosed this in a recent blog post.
So, if you click “Check for Updates” in the third, fourth, or first week of a month before the next B update has been released, you’ll probably get a C or D update installed on your system. If you never click “Check for Updates,” you’ll stick with the better-tested B updates.
After these updates have been “tested” by being unwittingly installed on Windows 10 PCs and Microsoft has confirmed they’re stable with Windows 10’s telemetry, the bug fixes in these updates appear in the next B update. The C and D updates are basically a beta testing program for B updates taking place on stable PCs.
In other words, Microsoft is using people who click the “Check for Updates” button as beta testers for quality fixes rather than relying on the Windows Insider program and its Release Preview ring. It’s bizarre, and it’s the same bad decision that made Microsoft roll out the unstable October 2018 Update to many Windows 10 users who didn’t want it.
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Now Windows 10 Has C, B, and D Updates. What is Microsoft Smoking?

Uugghh. This IS NOT appreciated.

I've always routinely checked for Windows updates... as it seems best to get security patches when they come out.

Like with multiple other programs... it takes a while to 'get it' -- but it seems that it's best to not check for updates, as so many updates from multiple vendors seem to be 'Beta Updates.'

Microsoft, G-DATA, Norton, MBAM, McAfee.... and others have all served me up bad updates. I'll now wait on all updates. I might even spring for Windows Pro to make it easier to control/delay updates. Yeah, I know that can be done manually.


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Is that for me? How interesting... there must be a part to MT that I don't know about..

But yes, that is part of the reason I've put more emphasis on Cylance.
Well. Your profile did use to say Norton and now when I woke up it says Cylance.
What dark pit of despair in MT don't you know about?
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Just get something like Rollback RX so when you get a bad update you can restore your system with a couple clicks.
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Just get something like Rollback RX so when you get a bad update you can restore your system with a couple clicks.
Looks good but somewhat pricey for now. I do a fair amount of images usually several a week. As it only takes under 4 minutes for a full C:\ & less for a restore I'm sticking to that system for now. But some imaging system IMO is essential & not difficult to implement.

Edit: Was looking at Rollback the other day inclined to give to trial a go, bit of a change for me having used imaging for many years.
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