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Nov 18, 2018
Operating System
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Edition
    Version or Build no.
    17134.407 (Windows 10 1803)
    System type
    64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
    Security Updates
    Automatic Updates (recommended)
    User Access Control
    Network Security (Firewall)
    Windows Defender Firewall
    Device Security
  • Windows Defender SmartScreen (Windows 10)
  • User Account
    Sign-in Accounts
    Malware Testing
    I do not participate in downloading malware samples
    Real-time Web & Malware Protection
    Windows Defender
    RTP - Custom security settings
  • No security settings changes
  • Virus and Malware Removal Tools
    VirusTotal scan on downloaded files
    Browsers and Extensions
    Google Chrome + Mozilla Firefox
    Privacy-focused Apps and Extensions
    uBlock Origin for Chrome + Firefox
    Web Search
  • Google
  • System Utilities
    Data Backup
    Google Drive for family photo/video backup + OneDrive full PC sync + portable drive for family photo/video backup
    Frequency of Data backups
    Always-on Sync
    System Backup
    Not Applicable; there is no point in system backup because I usually do a full Windows reinstall from ISO disk around every 3 months. All my personal files is duplicated on OneDrive, Google Drive and portable drive.
    Frequency of System backups
    Computer Specifications
    Very light yet effective. I would consider consider CCleaner, but that's your choice.
    Thanks for sharing!
    I'd add Avira Browser Safety to Chrome for some added web protection.
    Also if you haven't tweaked Kaspersky Internet Security for maximum protection I suggest you do that.

    Thanks for sharing. :)
    Just add Disconnect

    You are protected.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks, I'll keep them in mind next time I update my config. By the way is Avira Browser Safety compatible with KIS or is it a independent security add-on for Chrome? Also can it be used with Disconnect?

    Thanks for the suggestions! :)
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    2018 fresh OS reinstall changes:
    • Enabled eDrive (hardware BitLocker) on Samsung 850 EVO. Along with a required complete SSD secure erase and fresh OS install for it to work.
    • Removed Macrium Reflect due to restore issues with eDrive BitLocker during testing. Everything is stored in OneDrive/Google Drive now.
    • Updated KIS to version KIS 2018
    • Removed Malwarebytes Free as part of OS reinstall for minimum software installation. That means graphic driver only (no GeForce experience) and vendor specific keyboard hotkey driver, the rest is left to Windows 10 to auto download and install the necessary drivers.
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    Malware Hunter
    It would be better if You add a system Image BackUp solution: Macrium Reflect Free or AOEMI BackUpper are free and reliable.

    Thanks for sharing :)
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    2018 fresh OS reinstall changes:
    • Removed Kaspersky Internet Security to give Windows Defender a try.
    • Switched Microsoft Office installation from manual download setup installation to Windows Store installation. Office installed from Windows Store provides better automatic updates and less hassle in updating from what I have observed from other PCs.
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