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Mozilla wants to reward creative artists and researchers for digging into the topic, offering a total of $225,000 to seven lucky applicants.
Mozilla announced on Tuesday that it’s offering five-figure grants to researchers and creatives studying the impact of artificial intelligence on society. This latest round of the annual Mozilla awards will net lucky winners up to $50,000 for producing AI-awareness content: videos, browser extensions, or interactive data visualizations.

The problems of AI are legion: YouTube’s algorithms have been criticized for harming children by introducing them to hugely inappropriate content, Facebook’s content-moderating AI exacerbates fake news, while Google employees staged a series of public protests after a Gizmodo report uncovered its AI was being used by the US military. Complex societal issues, racism, misogyny, militarism, etc. are being re-created in the tools we build.
Mozilla Blog: Mozilla Announces $225,000 for Art and Advocacy Exploring Artificial Intelligence – The Mozilla Blog