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This was a random question that popped into my head yesterday while I had some down time at work.

In today's age of Ransomware, are there anymore true In-The-Wild rogue antivirus applications anymore?

I still remember cleaning infected computers 10+ years ago and the main problem I ran into on clients/friends pc's was Rogue antivirus applications.

This thread was created just as a general question as well as a little bit of nostalgia on my part.

I miss those days :)
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Those are alive even now as far as i think.
Maybe your security is more tight than that time. That's why they aren't visible to you.
This is the same case with me,now since i have understood security deeply,i haven't seen any such thing too.


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EDIT: meant to put on clients/friends PC's. I never had a rogue infection in my life somehow. I did have a Virtumonde infection
by playing around with a XP-Vista transformation pack.

I do believe Virtumonde did download rogues but I stopped that one before it could.

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Nowadays the best AVs have the monopoly, even little-known but effective products haven't an easy life.
Defenx for example, who use it? But it is a decent product.
People consider the usual ones: Avast, AVG, BitDefender etc... many rogue/fake AVs would be simply ignored.
Of course, someone always falls into the trap.. :D
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