Q&A in windows safe mode How to stop kaspersky from blocking svchost.exe

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Mar 26, 2015
My laptop is under severe malware infection for the past 6 months. Windows 10 64 bit home. The malware is using critical system files for its operation. But the digital signatures are intact. The malware is recording all activity. I did not try much to remove the malware coz of lack of time and my personal data was yet to be migrated from the laptop. And that is my mistake.

The immediate problem is that i had foolishly added the c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe to untrusted group and now windows is stuck at black screen and wont boot. It can boot to safe mode, but kaspersky won't let me change application control settings on safe mode. Restoring the kaspersky's default settings inside safe mode did not help too.

Now my immediate requirement is to make windows bootable again by removing svchost from untrusted list in Kaspersky. Kaspersky technical support says that this setting cant be changed inside safe mode.
Anyone knows a way to do this? This is quite an emergency.

Thanks in advance to anyone who would be kind enough to help.


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Jan 8, 2011
My laptop is under severe malware infection for the past 6 months.
Please open a new thread following the link below, where you can receive Malware Removal help from an Expert.

I am closing this thread to avoid any wrong information given by non-authorised members.
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