In your opinion what should be the interval for releasing new Microsoft OS

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I think microsoft should release new operating system after an interval of 4 years.
During three consecutive years in the middle microsoft should release service packs 1,2,3 respectively for the Operating system.

Windows 8 was released in 2012 . So Windows 9 should be released in 2016.
In between microsoft should release three servive packs/major updates that include all previous patches in the the year 2013, 2014 and 2015.
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I think a shorter interval for OS releases is inefficient and costly for both the consumers and developers.
I voted 6 years, btw.
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6 years. should not bring headache of investing again and again. But if for 3 years it will be good for techies growing their business, live their life and provide bread.


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Microsoft will have to shift to more frequent releases, as does Apple with OS X, Google with Chrome OS and Android, and Canonical with Ubuntu.

In return, we get lower OS prices, free updates with features, and more efficient upgrade process. In my opinion, waiting for a new Windows release for more than 3 years just won't work in the current market.

Long-term support plans should be provided for educational, businesses and large enterprises.

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Microsoft should release a new OS every few years (2 - 4) years, however, they should make a big update to Visual Studio so developers can keep people entertained. With that being said, new features for programmers and UI developers.

They can do competitions yearly about the best Windows developer with their developer tools and winner's get a job entry at Microsoft.
They should make Operating System development tutorials so people can freely add features self-coded to windows and experiment. They should also have a network where people can install new "features" developer's have made for Windows. For example, someone could make a new boot loader in Assembly and someone could be able to download and install with a click of a button. Or, make a new Desktop User Interface and be installed through their developer network. However, with that being said, people accept Microsoft may freely take and use uploaded features. In the long run, it makes people happy with getting the most out of their computer.

They should also allow people to submit code samples to them, and if good enough, give the submitter a job at Microsoft. For instance, I could help Microsoft turn MSE into fame by improving/adding Heuristics for them. In return, if they like it, they could pay me or hire me. They should do this for people so they improve their software.

They should also openly take suggestions and concept designs for their Operating System Windows. Then, if they use it, pay the graphic designer for use of their concept. With that, they are happy, and so is the Graphic Designer.
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