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I'm your friendly neighbourhood Canadian.

I use only two aliases for internet security, because honestly I'd forget if I had more.

Inmento is one of them.

I'm just a friendly comic and computer nerd (Although I am a computer nerd, in terms of programs, Java, and how to build/rebuild them, Malware and anything that can hurt me, I know little about)

Yes, I am a gamer, however I do not download any of my games, I use trusted sites only, and I definitely do not play Facebook games (since I learned that the hard way.)

I'm here to learn better computer security, ask for help in the removal process if necessary, and to possibly meet new people. (Although humans scare me. Why must most of your movies depict us aliens as "evil" or "world-conquering") I'm only kidding, I'm not an alien.

If there is anything you wish to know or are curious about, I am an open book. Although not literally, as I am not a book.
Not open for further replies.