Integrate Nano Defender with uBlock Origin to block Anti-Adblocker


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Nov 10, 2017
A fairly common reaction to counter the rising use of adblockers is to implement anti-adblocking scripts to get Internet users to disable the content blocker on websites that rely on advertising revenue.

Depending on how these scripts work, they may just display warnings when users visit the site with enabled adblockers or require that users deactivate the adblocker or whitelist the site to continue.

It is a race between creators of adblockers and anti-adblockers that does not address the bigger underlying picture in regards to advertisement on the Internet.

One option that uBlock Origin users have is to use Nano Defender's anti-adblocking capabilities. Nano Defender is an anti-adblock defuser by the creator of Nano Adblocker.

The process is a bit complicated for uBlock Origin, but it works without having to install Nano Adblocker in the browser of choice.

Integration in uBlock Origin
ublock origin anti-adblocking

You find the instructions on GitHub, but here is everything explained in detail:
  1. Enable the Adblock Warning Removal List in uBlock Origin. It is a list that is already available in uBlock Origin but not enabled by default. Click here to do so.
  2. Subscribe to the Nano Defender Integration filter list. The list is not already available, but you can subscribe to it with a click as well.
  3. The next step requires that you make a configuration change in uBlock Origin's configuration. You need to add a custom resource list in the advanced settings.
    1. Open the Settings of uBlock Origin.
    2. Check the "I am an advanced user".
    3. Click on the settings icon next to it that appears when you activate the option.
    4. Locate the variable userResourcesLocation and replace the initial value "unset" with
    5. Click on "apply changes"
    6. Close the tab.
  4. Subscribe to the Nano Filters list with a click on this link.
  5. Subscribe to the Nano Filters Whitelist list with a click on this link.

Most anti-adblocking scripts should be blocked automatically once you have changed the configuration of uBlock Origin and integrated the custom filter lists in the extension.

A quick test on several sites that use anti-adblocking functionality confirmed that this worked just fine at that point in time. The sites would load without the adblocking notification that they display normally when using adblocking extensions.

The lists get updated automatically and everything should work without you having to do anything form that point onward.

It is possible that you may run into connection issues with some sites that use anti-adblockers. It is still possible then to disable uBlock Origin, or, report the issue to have it addressed by the extension developer.

Source: Integrate Nano Defender with uBlock Origin to block Anti-Adblocker - gHacks Tech News


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May 4, 2018
You could also use AAK Filter (Anti-Adblock Killer), not quite sure of it's effectiveness however. Thought I would mention this as no one else has brought this up yet.

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