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The latest specifications of Intel’s 9th Generation desktop processor family have leaked out by Coolaler. The source which has been legit with their previous leaks, mention the specifications of the top tier ‘K’ SKUs which include a Core i5, a Core i7 and also, the flagship Core i9 processor.

Intel’s 9th Generation Desktop Processor Specifications Leak Out – Core i9-9900K 8 Core, Core i7-9700K 8 Core, and Core i5-9600K 6 Core CPUs

According to the leak, Intel will have at least three ‘K’ series SKUs. These would include the flagship Core i9-9900K, Core i7-9700K, and the Core i5-9600K. All three processors are designed for the new Z390 motherboards but based on the recent leaks, we will also get compatibility with current-gen Z370 motherboards. Moving on to the SKU configurations, the leak lists down the processors with the following configs:
  • Intel Core i9-9900K (est: 8 core / 16 thread)
  • Intel Core i7-9700K (est: 8 core / 8 thread)
  • Intel Core i5-9600K (est: 6 core / 6 thread)


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They really should rethink their naming.

Celeron = 2 cores 2 threads
Pentium = 2 cores 4 threads
Core i4 = 4 cores 4 threads
Core i5 = 4 cores 8 threads
Core i6 = 6 cores 6 threads
Core i7 = 6 cores 12 threads
Core i8 = 8 cores 8 threads
Core i9 = 8 cores 16 threads



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What a lackluster and disappointing offer from Intel if the leak is correct.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for AMD Zen 2 (Ryzen 3 XXXX) success, it will be a much better option (and safer too) compared to those terrible offerings from Intel.


AMD Ryzen has turned out to be a disappointment... just like a lot of people said... once the hype dies down, the reality will set in.