Intel graphics driver (as of has memory leak – fix (as of available


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Apr 24, 2016
Brief note for people who run a Windows 10 with Intel processors of the 6th to 10th generation. If sporadic system crashes occur under Windows 10 (64 bit), a faulty Intel graphics driver newer than version may be the cause. The graphics drivers cause a memory leak in the Desktop Windows Manager. The problem is known since 2020, if my research is not deceiving. However, there has been a fix from Intel since Dec. 2021 in the form of the Windows DCH driver

Intel confirms the problem, fix available​

The days I came across the issue described by a user on 4/19/2022 via the mailing list. There is a support post from Intel with revision level Feb 17, 2022 titled dwm.exe (Desktop Window Manager) Produces a Memory Leak with Drivers Newer Than

Describes an issue where drivers newer than are causing dwm.exe (Desktop Windows Manager) to produce memory leaks.
dwm.exe produces memory leak with 6th Generation Intel® processors through 10th Generation Intel® processors. The dwm.exe memory usage starts low (~30MB), accumulates over time, and may result in a system crash.
Install Intel® Graphics – Windows* DCH Drivers driver or a newer version to fix the issue. If Windows Update distributes a different driver, a clean driver installation should be performed before installing driver, which includes a fix for the dwm.exe leak.

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