Intel has started shipping Alder Lake-P to laptop manufacturers


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Apr 24, 2016
Intel has been killing it, at least on the specs sheet, with the launch of Alder Lake-S desktop processors. With support for DDR5 and PCI Express 5.0, team blue has played its cards right. Today, Intel's Executive Vice President Gregory Bryant tweeted that Intel is shipping the upcoming Alder Lake-P mobile processors to OEMs to integrate them into upcoming laptops.

Alder Lake-P will allegedly be available in two primary core configurations. Out of the two, a lower-end SKU might feature two Golden Cove Performance (P) cores and eight Gracemonth Efficiency (E) cores. The higher-end one might feature six performance cores along with eight efficiency cores.

According to speculation, the official launch of Alder Lake-P and Alder Lake-M CPUs shouldn't be far off, now that it is shipping to OEMs. Intel could even launch the new chips at CES 2022.