• Intel i3 10110U (10th gen)
  • Intel i5 10210U (10th gen)
Top 5 shortlist
  1. Processor
I would compromise at
  1. Price


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My recent expriences with old Pentum dual core and old i7 quad core.

1. Added a SSD to an old dual core and it felt like 100% speed increase (e.g. Chrome cold startup from 4-5 seconds to 2-3 seconds)

2. I recently changed PC from a high Ghz (CPU clock) dual core to a low Ghz clocked quad core, which ranked nearly the same on CPU benchmark. Before the mobo-change I ran Apptimer to compare program startup time. Generally startup times reduced with a third. Edge startup cold reduced from 2.2 - 2.4 on average to 1.5 - 1.6 seconds. So somehow a quad core runs faster in real world usage than a dual core with nearly the same benchmark score.

3. Fan noise. The lower clock cycle has a positive effect on fan noise. For a netbook lower clock cycles translate to longer battery life.

NO-brainer: buy the i5 when you can spare the additional 100 bucks
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If Chromebooks with AMD CPU exists (I don't research it) then you should use that.

AMD has much better security and lower cost.
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I would go for the i3. They have a great price/performance. But it seems I am alone on this one. Oh well I usually am.:)