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Computer processors for PC like devices fall into four broad categories, starting with the smartphone/tablet, then the notebook, the desktop and finally the extreme desktop/server. These segments have different cadence formats from each of the companies that compete between new designs. For longer cadences it makes sense to launch an improved product in the middle of that cadence taking advantage of minor production improvements. To that end, Intel is updating their June 2013 Haswell CPU line with a ‘Haswell Refresh’ – 20+ CPUs aimed to be faster at similar price points to the original Haswell release.

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Haswell Refresh brings little to the table if it's compared and is therefore only a solution trying to compensate as well as keeping Tick-Tock intact as good as possible.

Broadwell and Skylake will coexist where broadwell will cover the OC-segment and Skylake will cover the remaining segements. Skylake will also come in DDR3/DDR4 configuration. We have interesting time ahead of us :)

The best upgrade to Devil Canyon is i7-4790K i5-4690K but foremost the unlocked pentium - it's true that it's that it's a dual core but its potential is big and excellent choice for a budget build.
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