Interesting cleaning feature in ESET?

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Mar 28, 2014
Hello everyone,

Today I've noticed the following when scanning the latest malware pack. It removed 100 or so files and detected another 5, but couldn't remove them, so I removed those manually. Rescan gave me a clean result.
After that, I've uploaded the remaining files to VirusTotal and noticed that some of them hadn't been uploaded yet. This is very weird, as you scan ALL your files through VT when you upload your pack - especially if you're an expert like @Malware1.
The VT scans revealed 2 files to be clean (0/52) and the rest only got around 5-7 detections as well.

This leads to the question. Does ESET clear the malicious code of files it didn't even detect or how could such thing happen?


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Apr 3, 2014
VT do not update there files as fast as the AV which mean eset can detect but on vt it shows eset clean.
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