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A series of tests with four major browsers concluded that Internet Explorer versions 10 and 9 provide the longest battery life compared to competitors, while Google Chrome finished in last place with a battery life performance more than 20% poorer than the leader.

The tests were conducted by Ciprian Adrian Rusen of 7tutorials, who used a two-and-a-half year old HP Pavilion dv7 2185dx laptop for the test. The laptop was equipped with an Intel Core2 Quad Q9000 at 2.00 GHz, 6 GB of DDR2 RAM and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650. Due to the age of the laptop, Rusen was already experience less than optimal battery life when using his laptop, which is what spurred the tests, as he was keen to find the browser that provided him the longest battery life.


Always a good thing that they test to see how much battery applications.


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How can a browser ... make a difference in battery life? Especially how can the fastest be the biggest drain?
Like GPU acceleration differences? And another thing I can't imagine is doing the exact same combo of sites / pages to have a fair test.