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Internet Explorer remains the number one browser on the market, as Microsoft’s in-house product continued its growth last month to reach a record 55.99 percent market share.

Statistics provided by market researcher Net Applications reveal that Internet Explorer 10 was the main catalyst of this impressive growth, as the new version of the browser jumped to a 9.26 percent last month.

IE8 continues to top the rankings with 22.9 percent, followed by IE9 with 15.39 percent.

While Internet Explorer usage has clearly skyrocketed in the last few months, not the same thing can be said about Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers on the market right now.

According to the same figures, Chrome’s market share has dropped from 16.35 percent in April to only 15.74 percent in May, even though Google launched a new version of the browser.

As far as Mozilla Firefox is concerned, it’s still on the podium with a market share of 20.63 percent in May 2013, up 0.23 percent versus the month before.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has even more goodies prepared for Internet Explorer fans.

The upcoming Windows release, simply called Windows 8.1, is going to feature a brand new Internet Explorer version that would obviously come with plenty of enhancements.

In addition to significantly improved touch support, Internet Explorer 11 is also expected to comprise new options, such as tab syncing to synchronize tabs across multiple Windows 8.1 devices.

At the same time, Microsoft promises that the future Internet Explorer version will be faster than its predecessors, while also paying particular attention to security and privacy.

As you can see, only little is known about the upcoming Internet Explorer version, but more details will be provided to users later this month, as the software giant is set to unveil the public preview of Windows 8.1 at the BUILD developer conference on June 26.


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I have now figured out why this has happened to Chrome, it's because they release updates every day. My gosh, Internet Explorer well releases updates, but not as fast as Chrome does.