Solved Internet is not working after installing adwcleaner software


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Mar 26, 2016
List of current issues
Internet is not working
Steps taken, but have been unsuccessful?
tried changing the lan settings but did not work
I have attached the output file from Zoek.exe. Kindly Help me


  • Zoek_output.txt
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Oct 23, 2012
NetAdapterRepair does the same thing as Tweaking and Complete Internet Repair.

From personal experience, I made a similar thread not too long ago where a few great members on this site helped me. The final result was reformatting in the end though. Winsock issues are usually very difficult to repair manually, even with professional help. Just my two cents.
I tend to agree.Save everything you want and just reformat and then make sure you have a backup solution in place.There are many good free system backup solutions.At the very least make sure you have system restore enabled and make restore points after a reformat and when using programs such as ADW Cleaner.
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