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I'm from
21 to 29 years
Recent Malware Infection
So long I can't even remember
Favorite Browser
Mozilla Firefox
Favorite Mobile OS
Favourite Desktop OS
Windows 10
Favourite Antivirus
Best Game in the World
Counter-Strike 1.6 (Steam)


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Hello to all my Malwaretips community members,

I'm not really new here. Some of you know me :p. But yep, going by the rules, I think it's about time that I write this make me feel new again :p

Name - Rajkumar.Akshaybarnath.Tiwari
Country - India
City - Mumbai
Sex - Male
Occupation - Student (Bachelor of Engineering in IT)

Interests....- Computers and exercise/fitness coz they bring positive energy and happiness to me.

Why I chose IT - As the name itself suggests, it's all about the information related to technology.. And people who have the passion to always keep learning about computers, it's forebears and the future.
The learning never stops. And because, computer is what I fell in love with before I even knew about love.

So yep, this is me. And I'm glad to be a part of this great community. Already learnt so much here. And as I said, the learning would never stop.

Thank you :)


Level 8
Thank yoo all for the warm welcome. And hello again to my old mates Umbra sir and exterminator20 :) and jamesv7 too :)
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