Invincea needs Steam + Sandboxie testers (Free License offered)

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As we can’t possibly test the wide variety of Steam games, we are asking a few users if they would like to use Sandboxie and Steam together.

We know that this is a fairly common practice and we would use the feedback as a way to possibly fix issues / problems, etc that may come up when running Steam Games in SBIE. Specifically, running Game X in multiple sandboxes at the same time.

If you would like to participate and as reward for your assistance, we will provide you with....

45 day fully valid Home License key to use with Sandboxie. That way you can run the same game in multiple sandboxes for example during the test.
After 45 days, we would then convert the key to a one user a [1 ]– year Home license.
We will also select TWO users that have contributed the most information to receive [1] Lifetime Home license each as a thank you.
Sandboxie Shirt

Of course, we cannot offer payment, but we can offer you’re a license key and a chance for a Lifetime key as a thank you.

Here is what we would need. [This may change somewhat as we focus on certain aspects]

• Try Steam Games in a Sandbox [What game(es)?]
• Let us know what version of SBIE you are using?
• Windows version? 32 or 64 bit?
• Security software installed? (Malware bytes, etc?)
• Any crashes?
• Any error messages? [SBIE error? Windows error]
• Did certain games not work? If so, what game? What happened?[or didn't]
• Screen shots and dump files are a great help.
• Controllers used? Keyboard? Gamepad? Etc?
• Any other info that may help.
• General feedback.

You can do as little or as much as you want. The 45 day key is yours. And the [1] year key would be too aftewards [It will be converted]

When the Beta key expires, We will convert the Beta trial key to a [1] Year Home License. [we will add the 45 days onto that key so 365+45] you can get a FULL year 

Of course, we cannot immediately address all the issues that come up from this testing. We will then go through everything with the Devs to see what can be done and it will help gather some working data. We will do this test for about 45 days, and it will commence once we get several testers.

I you want to help & participate, Please email or PM me.

Once we start collecting data, You can send all information to , if you choose to store files online, please email the link to the address.
Please put STEAM in the subject of all emails.

PS. We will not share your information. And we won’t pester your with emails unless it’s a question about what was submitted. But we would need your name, email and possibly your address if you want the shirt [Don't post any of that here]

Please register at Sandboxie website, not here :D
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