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Invisible rogue mobile apps are wasting petabytes of data a day through an advertising hijacking technique researchers say could inflict US$1 billion in damages this year.

Some 5000 malicious Android and iOS apps are hiding the rapidly-reloading ads from users and will continue to operate even if the apps are not in use.

That technique works in part because the apps simulate human interaction.

Researchers Mike Andrews, Antoni Kolev, David Sendroff, and Matt Vella, from New York outfit Forensiq say the apps throw a whopping 20 ads a minute, or 700 an hour. By comparison legitimate apps serve an ad every one to two minutes.

The ads hoover up to two gigabytes a day per mobile device and affect a potential 15 percent of apps.

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Wish there was a way to detect the apps and delete them or at least prevent them from loading the ads
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