Operating System
Windows 7
Infection date and initial symptoms
Heavy intermittent gaming lags
Current issues and symptoms
Heavy intermittent gaming lags, sound lags, internet inaccessibility
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
Format and windows reinstallation
System logs
Yes, I've uploaded the FRST.txt logs
Yes, I've uploaded both FRST.txt and Addition.txt logs


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My problem starts with heavy lags during gaming, so i formatted my windows partition and reinstalled fresh one, but the heavy lags persisted and new problem appeared i cant connect to the internet, i still can through safe mode, then half an hour later the internet through safe mode shut down as well, reformatted again with new windows intallation, i could access the internet for about 10 min then it shut down again, reformatted again, to find a new problem a sound lag whilst playing videos or games, also something else happened whenever i tried to disable then enable my network connection adapter my computer freezes, reformatted for the last time but i didnt try to setup my network driver software, so i noticed the gaming lags still there, but the sound lag gone, then i tried to setup my network driver and my computer froze indefinitely during the setup, when i restarted my computer it was stuck on windows loading screen and wont go any further, same thing for safe mode, no matter what how many times i restarted it is just stuck on loading screen, then i had to a system restore in order to access windows, only to find the sound lags are back, i have kaspersky total security, tried scanning with malwarebytes, avast, rogue killer, adwcleaner, superantispyware but nothing showed up, i can access internet through my cell phone, nothing is wrong with my connection



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Your computer isn't infected. Your problem is probably hardware related e.g. overheating, old configuration etc.
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