Do you like ASC or wise care 365 more?

  • IOBIT advanced system care or..

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Hey, just a quick thought I had. Anyone prefer ASC over wise security's wise care 365 or the other way around? Just curios. May make a video later on. Already did Wise care 365 so thinking about either doing avast IS or iobit malwarefighter, Hm maybe Eset smart security too. Anyway, just curios on what you guys think on these two optimization programs.

Wise care review:


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I have both, ASC has more options but Wisecare is faster on my machine and I think does a better job with the system clean up utilities which is why most people use these products so Wisecare 365 for me.


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Advanced SystemCare is much better in my opinion. Although they did have some tainted past, it doesn't mean all the products they make are bad. I have never come across a product which is better than ASC. Glary utilities always screwed up my machine. Wise care is good but its very basic. With ASC running in my PC for past 3 years I never experienced a problem.
posting a review of iobit's malware fighter. it detected nothing besides mbam. xD not being mean but it did worse than windows defender/ MSE
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