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    is this software any good...never tried it before...
    It works very well and even the free version is very good and automatically downloads and installs driver updates. However you typically don't need to keep drivers other than video drivers updated.

    If you do a clean install of Windows, or do an upgrade to a new version, often there will be devices for which Windows itself and Windows Update either can't find drivers for, or only provide generic drivers rather than the proper OEM ones. This is a good reason to use software like this. But if you're still using the installation of Windows, that came on your PC, there's much less need for driver update software, as all the needed drivers should already be installed.

    If you're having issues with a device, sometimes installing an update will fix it. As well, sometimes you can get noticeable increases in performance from installing new drivers. However, sometimes new drivers will cause problems as a newer driver is not always better than the old version.